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   Who Is Seej

Seej 500 is not going to take this seriously. He is going to lie to you. He is going to lie whenever he thinks it might be funny. He is going to deliberately make stuff up just to mess with you. He will harbour notions about it being post-ironic and an artistic statement, when in truth he's just a dick. He's deliberately trying to make a mockery of anything you think is cool, anything important, anything you hold dear. He does this not for anarchic and high-minded "smash the system" reasons and ideals, but instead because behaving like a knob makes him laugh. You will hate him for this. You will love him for this. Submit to Seej 500, little thing. Submit to his pulsating and glorious mind. To his dominant, fickle, undependable, brilliant radioactive glowing brain. You find it seductive. You find it seductive and you know it.

   Coming Soon:

I've worked it out finally. Been knocking ideas round for years, slowly honing my craft, learning how to write, getting more and more familiar with my instruments, and figuring out to make the sort of noise I want to hear.

Now? Now I've figured out exactly what sort of music I want to make. Not to come across as some sort of wanky "artist," but I've found my sound. I've written lyrics I'm very pleased with and I'm now grabbing time wherever I can to write and record the music.

Quite excited. Feel like all my years of hard work teaching myself are finally paying off. I'm finally getting in touch with the stuff I've previously only heard as distant, passing echoes in my head. Watch this space. Previews to come soon.


Got one of my tracks without paying for it? It happens. I'm not going to tell.

The real question is "Did you like it?"

If the answer is "Yes" and you now feel like throwing a coin in my hat to say thanks, then that would be very cool. Click the hat below to donate via PayPal. You choose how much. Any sign that you support what I'm doing here will be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, I now also accept BitCoin. Aren't I the badass? Send whatever you want to the address below and I'll be extremely grateful. Cheers.



Due to time constraints it may not be possible to respond to your email. All messages are read, printed off, then eaten. Om nom nom.

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Seej 500's NEW single! Available NOW on iTunes and Bandcamp.


Seej 500's second single. Available on iTunes and Bandcamp.









   On Copyright

Let's not fuck around, OK? I'm gonna treat you like intelligent people. See, here's the thing; yes, copyright is good when it's used to make sure that all the people who've worked hard to create something cool get suitably compensated for what they've done. You should pay artists if you like what they've done. That's how they earn a living; how they pay their mortgage and buy food after all. However, I'm a realist; I know that you're broke till the end of the month or you're a student or a senior on a pension or a kid or unemployed or whatever. Not your fault. I'm trying to produce a pretty sizable amount of content for free, purely because I like doing it. Take the free audio downloads. Take the articles I write under a Creative Commons license. Go see my blog and get way more of an insight into what I'm thinking about than you were probably ready for, as well as regular little nuggets of writing, music and visual artwork that may well go on to be part of a larger whole. If I release an instrumental along with the full track and you want to sample it then get in touch, we can talk, and I swear to you right now my aim will be to help you. In fact, if you're desperate to do anything with a track I've recorded and really want the stems then just ask. I SUPPORT ARTISTS BUILDING UPON THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF OTHER ARTISTS. I just ask three things of you:

  1. If you're downloading something that normally costs money but you're not paying then please have a better reason than "I dont feel like paying." SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE MUSIC YOU LIKE BY PAYING THAT TINY AMOUNT THAT IT COSTS TO DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU CAN REASONABLY AFFORD IT. We're all friends here, so let's be honest; if you just take something you like for free without supporting the people who made it happen then you're reducing the chances of it happening again, and you're deliberately being a dick. If you downloaded a track of mine that you could have paid for and you're now feeling like a scumbag, scroll up the page and click the donations link. You know this already, so let's move on.

  2. Give credit where credit's due. If you've used original work by me (or any other artist for that matter) I don't think it's unreasonable to say where you got it. Hell, it's actually quite supportive of the original artist if you point people in their direction.

  3. If you're earning any money from something, and someone else made a significant contribution, then that person should get a cut. If you're using something I did then, again, get in touch and we can reach an arrangement which will hopefully be mutually beneficial. Of course, if you're making $0 then go nuts; that's cool. But tell me what you're up to, because I'm genuinely interested and flattered.

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